Free Dessert With Dinner at Morton's the Steakhouse TONIGHT!!!

I rarely go to Morton's the Steakhouse–not because I detest its food but because its outside my pay scale. But apparently Orange County likes the Morton's in Anaheim and SanTana so much that the pricey chain will give you a free dessert TONIGHT if you buy dinner. Some caveats, of course, but of the weird, acceptable kind after the jump!

Simply put: mention you're a fan of Morton's on Facebook, and a free sweet from their tray is yours. You don't have to show any proof, whip out your Droid or iPhone of your Facebook love for them–just say it. But you can only choose one of three desserts–Key Lime pie, double-chocolate mousse, or Morton's carrot cake. But just today, because of that whole Black Friday deal…

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