FREE! Crocodiles' Instrumental EP 'Fires of Comparison'


Here it is: Fires of Comparison, a free 4-track download. Preview this before the San Diego's full length, Sleep Forever, comes out out Sept. 14. Incidentally, Fires of Comparison was a project made up of ideas produced after Sleep
recording sessions in Joshua Tree.

According to a statement, it's instrumental because “both boys contracted strep throat from sharing a
pipe with a hobo in San Diego's Presidio Park
.” Er, right.

The Crocodiles also want you to know that “these
tracks are intended to be enjoyed under the mind-altering influence of 2XB-27,
a drug concocted in Charles' toilet by their friend, Dr. Russel Cash.”

Fires Of Comparison Track Listing:

1) Kill Joe Arpaio

2) A House With Skin Like Yours

3) Fires Of Comparison

4) Hearts Reprise


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