Free Breakfast at IKEA from Friday to Sunday

Edwin Goei


It's that time of year again: The time of year where IKEA tries to entice you to come to do some holiday shopping at their yellow/blue warehouse by offering their already ridiculously low priced 99-cent breakfast plates for absolutely nothing at all.

From tomorrow (yes, Black Friday), until Sunday November 28th, 2010, IKEA's 99-cent breakfast will be FREE (limit one per customer).

What do you get for your cheapness? What you see above, plus a cup of coffee.


Now I must reiterate that from past experience (yes, I am shameless in what I can get for free), you must specify that you want the free breakfast. They have special plates that the register people recognize as free and regular plates that are full price. Don't shame yourself by getting the wrong one and then complaining about having to pay 99 cents. No one will pity you.

If you've never tried an IKEA breakfast, here's a primer: These breakfast plates are worth exactly 99 cents. The eggs, as I have mentioned before whenever I do these posts, come from pre-mixed cartons (I think). But the potatoes! Ah those home fries. They're kind of, well, wonderful. Crispy outer, buttery fluff inside.

The bacon is, again, so thin you can see through it, as flimsy as some of the furniture they sell. But after you get your free grub, you're going to buy some of that smart-looking Swedish designed house of cards of a bookcase or coffee table aren't you? Yeah. Me too.

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