Franki Doll & the Broken Toys to be Featured in Horror Movie (Also Headlining Audio/Visual at the Regency Tomorrow)

We've featured Hot Topic favorites Franki Doll & the Broken Toys more than a few times here at OC Weekly (from band profiles to wedding announcements), but now they're headlining a show presented by Audio/Visual, where they get to play with Stay the Night and Jupilar, right after a screening of The Evil Dead.

In an interview, Franki Doll talks the band's favorite horror movies (her band loves Army of Darkness) and let us in on a little secret.


She says, “Franki Doll & The Broken Toys are actually in negotiations for an
upcoming horror movie. I can't let all of the details out, but I can
tell you that OC Weekly will be the first publication we call to dish
out the info. We're very excited.”

As for the horror movie that scared her the most: “Blair Witch Project scared the
shit out of me. I made my boyfriend stand in the bathroom when I
showered, made him move our bed away from the window. I was scared to be
alone or sleep for a week after.”

Audio/Visual featuring Franki Doll & The Broken Toys, Stay the Night and Jupilar, Thursday, June 2,7 p.m. at the Regency South Coast Plaza. (Tickets are $8 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.)

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