Four Sons Brewing in Huntington Beach, Our Beer(s) of the Week!

The tasting room at Four Sons Brewing in Huntington Beach is THE place to get your craft beer fix in H.B. right now. Family-owned and run (emphasis on FAMILY), Four Sons’ beer menu has delicious and hoppy IPA’s, red ale with a taste of Coco and even a peanut butter and banana cream ale, to name a few of the extremely enjoyable suds.

The Dufresne family welcomes you, your kids, your dogs, your neighbors to their home. Food trucks make this a regular stop, there’s some big screen TVs, and everyone kicks back with friends, talking about that big wave you conquered today and leaving all that other BS behind. There’s plenty of room in the main tasting room but the place to be is a smaller room that gets packed more often than not. 

The Coco American Red Ale (5.2%ABV): Adding coconut is common for a stout, but for an amber red ale? Hmmm. . . the coconut is just right, not too sweet. Unlike a stout, there is no chocolate or coffee notes, but the maltiness does add a toffee profile and makes the Coco a smooth, robust and unique drink. The Beach Pail American Pale Ale (5.9%ABV) is well-balanced, mild pale ale, the kind you can drink all afternoon, watching an Angel game and not end up drunk AF. Slight fruit notes, mild hops, but full flavored. 

Hopprentice American Pale Ale (5.7%ABV) has a great hoppiness, smooth with tropical fruit notes. It looks and drinks like an IPA, similar to Stone Enjoy By—yep, it’s that smooth. It’s nice to have the option with the two pale ales—to hop or not to hop!

Four Sons is open daily and closes at 9 p.m. even on the weekends, so get there early. They have growlers to GO, so GO,GO, GO! to Surf City’s best brewery.

Four Sons Brewery, 18421 Gothard St., Ste 100, Huntington Beach, (714) 584-7501;

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