Four Notable Kim Jong Il Cameos in Pop Music

As if it weren't enough that a whole bunch of people thought Lil Kim died last night, the news that the North Korean despot Kim Jong Il passed away on a train yesterday has unfortunately only served to stir up the many, many pop culture cameos/parodies of the man. We found five of the best–from the incredibly racist to incredibly funny–music videos portraying the dictator. Enjoy.

  4. Hulk Hogan VS North
Koean dictator Kim Jong-il

In this rap battle between pro-wrester Hulk Hogan and Kim Jong Il (played by Timothy DelaGhetto), they trade lines such as “Your whole fam's a bunch of Barbies, dude,” and “You look like Sonic the Hedgehog's mother.” There's even a guest spot by Macho Man Randy Savage! What make this video even better is the amount of racist stereotypes the Kim Jong Il gets to dispute via rap warfare. (“Beijing is in China, asshole!”)

3. LMFAO's “Party Rock Anthem”

We don't know who put together this footage of North Korean military parades and rallies with RedFoo and SkyBlu's summer anthem, but it's riveting–and real–enough to make it seem like the actual music video. Oh, and there's footage of Kim Jong Il looking at stuff. Like the description says, “Ain't no party like a Pyongyang party, 'cause a Pyongyang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY.”

2. I'm A Korean

This ultra-racist and really stupid diss on Koreans includes every ignorant stereotype involving Asians, from “ching chang chong” lyrics to switching “Ls” to “Rs” to saying Kim Jong Il bombed Pearl Harbor. Sigh.

1. Team America's “Lonely Song”

As Entertainment Weekly noted, this bit, from South Park makers' Team America, could be the best pop culture cameo the Korean dictator ever had. It turns Kim Jong Il into a character with depth and pathos, and here, singing this song about having no friends, he's actually pretty cute.

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