Four Loko Loses Caffeine–and its Cool-Factor

Four Loko is about to become as hip as Smirnoff Ice. 

The popular caffeine-spiked alcoholic beverage, commonly known as “Blackout in a Can,”   
has been deemed unsafe by the FDA. A warning letter was sent to Chicago-based Phusion Projects, which makes the stuff.

The company's founders said in a statement
that while they still believe the drink is as safe as rum and Coke or
Irish Coffee, they would stop adding caffeine to comply with the

Four Loko has been a nationwide topic as hot as the elections and the
McRib after it was blamed for several deaths and banned in several
states. (Though not Cali. Gustavo gulped one down and lived!)
I guess we're on to the next alcohol fad. What will it be?    

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