Four Finger Ring Is a Hip-Hop Collab For Bassheads

We can always count on a brand new batch of local, summertime hip-hop collabs. Typically they’re one-offs that garner a decent track or two and not much else. But with the right chemistry, a new group can pack enough punch to leave a mark that lasts well beyond Labor Day. In that respect, Four Finger Ring is already showing strong potential. The newly created super group of battle tested emcees consists of Juice County stalwarts C4mula, Nu3tron and Mic Moses.

Though they’ve been on plenty of tracks with each other in the past, this is the first time they’ve come together to make the group official. C4mula, who spent a good chunk of last year recording and touring with Kottonmouth Kings, recently split from Brad X’s label United Family Music to join his buddies in FFR. Along with the help of a rotating cast of DJs occupying the fourth finger in their squad, their knuckle-dusting blend of classic hip-hop, electronic and trap music is already coming on strong.

This month, the crew released the video for their first single “Bassheads.” It’s not so much a crack-smoker’s anthem as it is a call to action for the group’s growing fan base who they obviously hope to turn into fiends. As you can see by this raucous house party video, their crowd is already heavily versed in all the right gateway drugs so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The rhymes in each verse straddle the line between inebriated and inventive, paired with the earworm chorus sung by V. Suite. Though there’s already a full-length LP (and a grip of shows) on the horizon, the group says they plan to release a video for all of their forthcoming tracks, so get used to seeing their name around. Hopefully they’re all just as promising as this. Check out the video and be sure to catch them at Jasper’s in SanTana with Medusa on June 25.

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