Four Country Throwdown Dates Canceled

The Country Throwdown Tour is cancelling four upcoming shows: Houston on June 9, Dallas on June 10, San Diego on June 17 and Phoenix on June 18. Tickets from the Houston, Dallas, San Diego and Phoenix shows will be honored at all other Country Throwdown tour dates, including Irvine's June 19 date. Refunds are also available at the point of purchase.
The cancellation of the tour dates doesn't come as a surprise; we're all inundated with so many themed festivals this summer that we don't know how any of them are making money.

What's surprising is tour producer Kevin Lyman's statement on why they're unable to keep the four shows; unlike the vague Bamboozle or Christina tour cancellation explanations (scheduling issues? c'mon! ) it's brutally honest: “Low tickets sales and too many shows competing with one another. We are trying to bring a festival style tour with 21 artists, at a reasonable and fair ticket price (average ticket cost $31), but because most markets are currently flooded with shows, we end up cannibalizing one another and someone ends up with lower ticket sales.”
Here's the video message from tour founder Kevin Lyman (incidentally, Lyman also founded the Warped tour):

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