Forming Kaos Gangster, An Orange County Cocaine Dealer, Learns Punishment

Forming Kaos gangster Ignacio Alfredo Marron thought he'd already served enough time locked up 30 months before his sentencing hearing inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

After all, Marron has a loving wife, nine-year-old daughter and a Newport Beach marine industry boss anxious for his return. Plus he claims he sees the errors of his ways–especially substance abuse–and assured U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna that he will now lead a “law abiding life.”

Federal prosecutors weren't so willing to ignore Marron's crimes. An undercover law enforcement task force (federal and local cops) caught him working with Mexican Mafia disciple Cesar Mungia to sell 400 grams of cocaine in Southern California.


Agents also recorded the hoodlum talking on the phone about illegal gun sales and plans to commit assaults. The defendant's attempts to downplay his gang role didn't impress Department of Justice officials either. He has Forming Kaos tattoos and gang monikers, “Shadow” and “Negro.”

A federal prosecutor pushed for a term of 46 months in prison.

Selna decided the correct punishment is 41 months and prison officials have somehow calculated that they'll release him from custody on July 3–after he served just 35 months.

Marron, 30, is presently housed in the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles.

Forming Kaos is–was?– an Orange County-based, drug-dealing subsidiary of the Mexican Mafia.

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