Former Taco Bell Turned Into a Marijuana Dispensary!

I am not a stoner, and I'm not a Taco Bell fan. I do know, however, that the two go hand-in-hand like pozole and oregano.

So when I saw today in Denver a marijuana collective housed in one of those faux-adobe structures Taco Bell used to build back in the 1970s, I knew that a perfect marriage had been attained.

Denver is a lot like Orange County. They have a huge zacatecano and michoacano population, the Vietnamese community is big (in Denver's case, they JUST got the Boiling Crab trend), they have loony Republicans, they have a Wahoo's, and they have a vibrant marijuana dispensary culture (our sister paper Westword even has a cannabis critic!). We, of course, are the home of repurposed former Taco Bell locations, but I don't think any of our potpreneurs have erected such a monument of sinchronicity.

Like I said, I'm not a pot guy, but I wonder if one of our chefs can't combine the best of both worlds. Paging…eh, I'm not going to out him as a pothead haha.

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