Forking Around With…Lalo Alcaraz

Lalo Alcaraz, the mad genius behind the La Cucaracha comic strip,
the genius Obama-as-Zapata political cartoon, and too many other to
mention, will grace this fair county this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the
Fullerton Public Library…wait, that's the exact intro to this post. We care about food 'round here, preferably spiked with politics, and Alcaraz has always been a genius at mixing the two. The strip above is but one example; Alcaraz's strips have also dealt with luxe-loncheras, taco empires, and far too much other funniness to mention–just go and find out.

I've hosted Alcaraz at least five times in the past decade, and you'll never guess his favorite meal in la naranja.

Lee's Sandwiches

Yes, that most-mainstream of bánh mì outposts. The tradition started in 2003, when I took him to the Garden Grove outpost on 17th Street and Westminster Avenue–it was after 10 p.m., he didn't want tacos, and Lee's was the only place open. The following year, I actually had his event catered by Lee's, so obsessed was he with the sandwich. One of these days, I'll take him to Bánh Mì Cho Cu.

Another OC fave of Lalo's?

Taquería Tapatía
This happened last year, after a signing at Calacas in SanTana. This time, Alcaraz wanted some Mexican food and since Taquería de Anda is barely edible these days, I took him to my favorite SanTana taquería. It's tough to impress a Chicano All-Star with Mexican food, given they come from Los Angeles, but Lalo did enjoy his al pastor burrito.

Since we'll be in Fullerton this time, I'm thinking of taking Lalo to El Fortín because it closes a bit late, with a repast at Steamer's for some coffee to beat the chill of the night. Or I should take him to George's for a great breakfast burrito, or at least their chili cheese fries. One place I won't take him to, though? The Fullerton location of Lee's. I REALLY need to take him to Bánh Mì Cho Cu…in the meanwhile, go tomorrow and buy some great Lalo Alcaraz food-related prints!

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