Foria Wellness Offers CBD and/or THC Menstrual Pain Reliever

Photo by Foria.

A cannabis-based menstrual pain reliever owes its creation to a cannabis-based female arousal lubricant.

Mathew Gerson, the founder and wellness director of Foria Wellness, saw plenty of male pleasure-enhancers on the market but few for women, so he started his company nearly six years ago to address the imbalance.

Using sun-grown cannabis and employing best sustainability practices, Topanga-based Foria created its first product,  Pleasure, which is a natural arousing lube that contains THC and helps boost sex drives. The company received positive feedback, but some users also reported the Pleasure was relieving their menstrual cramps. They explained that this was achieved by rubbing the lube on  “abdominally or using it inter-vaginally,” according to Foria’s Head of Education Kiana Reeves. “So, we thought of the idea of a suppository.”

Inserted vaginally, the Relief suppository works almost instantly in ridding feminine discomfort caused by menstrual cramps, Foria boasts. They come in packs of eight that are claimed to offer the same health benefits as Midol in relieving pain from cramps, bloating, headaches and backaches. Relief is 100 percent derived organic cocoa butter that contains 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD but generally has no psychoactive effects on the body. Suppositories are pesticide-free and are tested for purity, according to Foria.

“They are groundbreaking,” Reeves says. “There hasn’t been any movement in the pharmaceutical industry that supports menstrual cramps since 1911 when Midol was invented, and to have a natural solution that does not have negative side effects, it’s almost life-changing. They can now go to work or they don’t have to lie in bed all day for five days when they have their period.”

Foria also sells various tonics, anal suppositories and vaporizers in both THC and CBD blends that are all aimed to help ease pain and nurture feminine wellness. The just-released Empower is a micro-dosed vaporizer that contains both CBD and THC, uses a ceramic coil and is 100 percent organic and natural. Another recent product is the Flow vape that contains 450 mg of CBD and offers botanical health benefits. Flow can also be accented with a custom Foria Wellness cartridge and battery set

Photo by Foria.

The cannabis company additionally sells a line labeled Explore that provides rectal suppositories to help enhance erotic experiences and aid in discomfort and inflammation. Explore contains 30 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD and comes in a pack of six. Foria’s Awaken arousal oils contain synergistic botanicals and CBD, offering the benefits of comfort during sex without having to use any THC additives.

Foria Wellness CBD products can be purchased online at but their THC line can only be purchased at dispensary storefronts in California or Colorado. The company’s management team hopes to be stocked in even more dispensaries as the business continues to boom. The company also has plans to continue development of more products that provide benefits to women.

“People aren’t talking about the benefits of pleasure from a perspective of wellness; especially access to sexual pleasure and that is a really important incredible part of whole-body wellness,” Reeves said. “I think being able to provide pleasure increases access to pleasure, especially if someone is experiencing pain. It’s super important to us.”

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