Forget Trump’s Wall: Angels Ask County for 12 ft.-High Fence to Keep Out Homeless from Stadium

For the past couple of years, your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have remained surprisingly quiet about the the homeless that live feet away from their parking lot—so close, in fact, that tailgaters frequently hook the homies up. But, in the spirit of these times, the Halos think that the best way to solve a “problem”…is a wall.

On June 14, the team sent a letter to County of Orange CEO Frank Kim reminding the County that it committed to repair the fence that separates the homeless encampment off the 57 FWY from their parking lots. Homeless, according to the team, have broken into their property to do everything from joyride a bulldozer to try and rewire the Big A to charge a cell phone—YIKES!

The letter then stated that during a phone call the County decided to no longer honor the commitment for a simple fence. So instead, the Angels think a fine “compromise” is a 12-foot-high wall to keep the homeless away from their property.

Here’s the letter, sent by Angels chairman Dennis Kuhl:

For its part, the Clear Vu brand claims that its “crisp, unobtrusive finish enhances the appearance of any facility.” Good call, Angels! Because if you’re going to marginalize the downtrodden of society, then you should do it in style, right?

The Angels didn’t return a request for comment by press time. But homeless advocates organized a picket event on Friday outside Angel Stadium called “Housing not Walls.” “Taxpayers should not be paying for the Angels at all,” said homeless advocate Lou Noble. “If they want a wall, they should be paying for it themselves. It’s not right.”

But look on the bright side, Lou: Finally, there’s a wall that Albert Pujols can hit a ball over!

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