Forget Same-Sex Marriage, Here's the Real Gay Debate of the Now

Over at the, the jury's still out on whether Real Housewives of Orange County spawn Ryan Vieth posting a self-photo of himself on the predominantly gay (and NSFW) site Guys With iPhones is news.

The jury would be the Advocate's online readers.

“Sad that this made press,” comments Mat (no relation). “What decent reporter would waste time
researching this?? Aren't there better stories out there? This is
precisely why I stopped getting the Advocate. Maybe if our gay press
focused on REAL news and stories, society would not see us as trashy,
gossip-loving, heathens. Thumbs down!”

The post begins:

First there was Michael Stipe, then Disney star David Henrie, and now Ryan Vieth, son of Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney, has shown up on the predominantly gay (and NSFW) site Guys With iPhones.

features often-nude self-pics men have taken with their iPhones and
then loaded on the site. This picture of Vieth also happens to be a
featured photo on his Twitter page.

Not all readers agree with Mat.

“This is REALLY big news,” wrote Dan Ruffin.

“Gay Big Brother is watching,” observed Phillip.

“[A] total butter face and his hand raised for a taxi to hair system central……..but awesome body,” noted Jayson.

for every comment typed with drooling tongue, there was a counterpoint
typed with one finger while the other pinched the sender's nose.

Clockwork's favorite came from the_real_sweedie:

“Ehm… The son of a trashy reality star has a picture on a gay
website?? OMG, stop the presses, we got a new front page story!
Sorry about the sarcasm, but come on people… isn't there some type of
limit on the unnecessary things to report on? It can be low… just not
this low.”

you are, Mr. Sweedie. Couldn't agree more. Which is why we're hitting the
save key on this post right now so this affront to journalism can be shared with Weekly
readers as well.

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