Forbes DOESN'T Mention O.C. as an Up-And-Coming Food Capital

I can't say I'm surprised. Besides, list like these are subjective, as all lists are. But this one, is especially so. A panel of four, consisting of “Food N Wine Restaurant Editor Kate Krader; Anya Fernald, executive director of Slow Food Nation; and Erik Wolf, president of the International Culinary and Tourism Association”, did the picking.

But I can't say that I wasn't slightly disappointed that O.C. didn't even get a mention for all the wonderful ethnic foods we have. Doesn't Little Saigon, Little Seoul, all of Santa Ana, and Little Gaza count for something?

Sure, we could do a little better on the fine dining front, but we've still got our gems. Bluefin? Marche Moderne? You can't tell me they're not worthy.

Though I am intrigued on what the article has to say about the microbrewery scene San Diego, surely we're just as good as Tucson!

Or perhaps I'm reading it all wrong. The list says “Up-And-Coming”. Perhaps being excluded means that we've already ARRIVED!

To read the article for yourselves, click HERE.

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