For Every Vape Pen Sold in Dispensaries, Jetty Extracts Donates One to a Cancer Patient

Courtesy Jetty Extracts

Named after Matt Lee and his co-founder’s favorite surf spot in Ocean Beach, San Diego, Jetty Extracts has become one of the vape pen leaders in the SoCal cannabis industry. The reason, Lee implies, is because it was a industry trend he and his crew saw coming almost half a decade ago, allowing them enough time to hone in on quality before branding.

If you’ve stepped into a dispensary over the last year and a half, you’ve likely noticed the onslaught of oil companies. It seems like there’s a new brand popping up every day. But many (if not most) of these new companies have placed their focus on marketing and branding—not the product.

“It’s a high barrier to entry to start an extraction lab, especially a legal one,” says Lee. “There’s so much that comes with it and then there’s all that comes with running a business and a brand. So what a lot of these new companies are doing is sourcing their oil and most of the time you’re not going to have the same oil source, which means differences in consistency, quality and not knowing what’s in it.”

Being an early mover in the oil game has given Jetty the advantage of defining what it means to be a company that extracts their own oil. They’ve had the luxury of doing tons of research and development focused on achieving and maintaining consistency, which has been proven through lab testing. They test their trim as soon as it comes in and their oil once it’s made.

Every company claims they lab test, but not all of them do. On every Jetty product they have stickers labeled with a website and log-in info so patients can see proof that what they’re consuming is pesticide and solvent-free. You can also see THC percentages and other cannabinoid info. “Testing the way we do adds cost, but it’s the responsible thing to do,” says Lee. “If you’re going to be in this industry people need to be responsible. That’s just how it has to be.”

Aside from their desire to be responsible, what caught our attention about Jetty is the Shelter Project. Using a one-for-one model, for every vape pen sold in dispensaries, Jetty donates one to a cancer patient. They have nearly 400 patients in the program who receive Jetty care packages once a month, too. They can help supply people with CBD strains and cultivation equipment if they want to grow their own medicine, and can help with the set up, too.

“We really try to be ethical, and we do everything in our power to be,” says Lee. “It’s extremely expensive, but it helps us sleep at night. It’s so rewarding to help people who are ill.”

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