Foothill Borrego Friendship Trail

To be one with nature and the local music scene seems like two entirely different endeavors, but underground music collective OC DIY found a way to merge both into one unique concert experience with the Foothill Borrego Friendship Trail. Emulating the popular Friendship Trails organized by musician Karl Blau for Washington's What The Heck Fest, your party walks through the Borrego Trail in Whiting Ranch where musicians will surprise you with ten-minute performances at every stop along the way, winding down to a final performance at Portola Parkway. Musicians range from jazz fusion favorites The Gloriosas, acoustic songwriter Chad Martini, Jewish Klezmer group The Mazel Tovs, rapper/poet Noah The Wordsmith, and much more. Don't forget to come prepared with sunscreen and walking shoes to fully take in the atmospheric and idyllic settings for this event.

Sun., March 22, 11:30 a.m., 2015

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