Food Blogger Starts Filipino Food Truck

Food bloggers and food trucks form a symbiotic relationship. You'll likely hear about a new food truck from a food blogger before anyone else. Nastassia Johnson and Marvin Gapultos are food bloggers. But they're not content on just writing about food trucks anymore–so they're starting their OWN! Theirs, called The Manila Machine, is an L.A. truck that serves Filipino food–a first, if I'm not mistaken.

Better known as Burnt Lumpia in the L.A. food blogging circles (and a blogger that I read religiously), Marvin put up a teaser post last week that he's been absent from writing new stuff because he had a “HUGE” project that was “rolling soon”. He included a picture of a food truck cockpit, and everyone in his comment section guessed what he was up to without much effort. All were ecstatic that Pinoy cuisine, an underserved and underrated cuisine if ever there was one, was going to be stewarded by someone who's been passionately writing about it for years.

He and partner Nastassia of Let Me Eat Cake¬†announced today that they will tentatively roll out The Manila Machine and its menu of lumpia, adobo and pan de sal sliders, on June 10, 2010 at the L.A. Artwalk.¬† They also said that they “will be quietly creeping around town in the days prior to L.A. Artwalk.”

We wish them luck and ask: when are you getting to OC?

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