Follow RiFF RAFF on His Journey to 240 Pounds, From San Francisco to Santa Ana

For a few months now, gonzo rapper RiFF RAFF has been putting on muscle weight in his effort to join the WWE/stand out from posers/some other thing I don't understand, and he's done a pretty good job at it, going from a from the skinni-ish high-100-somethings to the buff 200s. While he was slightly skinnier, Vice followed him around for their MUNCHIES imprint, checking out his workout and bulking routine as he performed on the West Coast.

The video prominently features his November 2014 show at the Observatory, so what did he do while he was in town? Check it out in the video after the jump.


What kind of person disses California Fish Grill? Regardless, it's an interesting look into his life, and for another interesting look into his life, check out the LA Weekly's Becoming RiFF RAFF.

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