1. “These Arms”: Hard to tell whether it's the sweeping piano intro or the unexpected ultra-sentimental sincerity that washes over listeners, but one thing is clear: “These Arms” makes the ladies (and guys too, actually) swoon. One friend even said it makes him feel “fuzzy.” Fuzzy's a good thing.

2. “Cold December”: Once witnessed a pack of girls gather quietly beneath a wall of television screens when the video for this song—his first single—was being played in Nordstrom. With his Ray-Bans, pea coat and politely disheveled hair, it's understandable: Costa totally looks like Bob Dylan in it.

3.“Miss Magnolia”: During a performance in Arizona, a misplaced harmonica leads to a lighthearted sing-along jamboree—complete with shakers, handclaps and smiles. Lots of smiles. It's one of his best.

4. “Sweet Thursday”: Costa gets bonus street-cred points here for the numerous Steinbeck references (see also: “Ballad of Miss Kate”).

5. “Sunshine”: With its hook-y “Brown-Eyed Girl” sha-la-la-las, simple-but-not-really lyrics and just overall one-of-us general appeal, “Sunshine” is a great choice for the second single—people, please pay attention this time.

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