Foie Watch 2015: You Can Eat a Foie Burger at Slater's 50/50

So, now that restaurants have more or less gotten new stores of foie gras into the pantries, the new dishes have started to come out. Here's another dish for you in addition to the ones I wrote about last week. Slater's 50/50, one of Orange County's most beloved home-grown chains, will be selling a foie gras burger as their burger of the month for January.

They were already planning on serving a “faux gras” burger when the ban was repealed. What a lucky random happenstance. Read more about the burger after the jump.


The burger's made out of Brandt beef, foie, onion marmalade, white cheddar, onion strings, grain mustard and arugula served on a toasted brioche bun. You can get it for $13.95 before tax and tip until Slater's runs out of foie.

An aside, the foie replaced chicken liver in the old faux gras recipe. Just a little bit of a difference.

Happy eating!

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