Flying Hand Take a Deep Breath and Deliver the Goods on New Album

Leaving their daily grind in Santa Ana for a two month recording stint in the mountains of Big Bear, it's easy to see why Flying Hand's new album Intervals sounds like a breath of fresh air. The great outdoors coupled with the teachings of a deceased, '60s philosopher reminded them that making music isn't actually that much different from breathing.

“I heard a clip of Allan Watts talking about music and he mentioned that when it comes to songs, you don’t really hear the notes, you hear the space between the notes and that creates the melody,” singer/guitarist Temo Molina says. “That’s the first time I’d ever heard music described that way…it kinda blew my mind.”

The band's two-month stay in Big Bear was mostly comprised of acoustic writing sessions between Molina and bassist Andy Pedroza who bounced ideas off of each other during the week surrounded by pine-fresh serenity. On the weekends, drummer Christian Orozco came up to visit and bring the songs to life with his kit.

The allowance of space and time to breathe is a big step for the progressive, Santa Ana three piece whose sound normally thrives on a whirlwind of loops, syncopated drumming and intricate melodies that often leave little time for rest. “We’re trying to be a lot more melodic with out music this time around,” Pedroza says.

The abstract, palm tree cover art created by Long Beach artist Noell Madrid denotes a departure from a lot of their previous work.

“We’d previously all been in bands that played progressive rock or math rock,” drummer Christian Orozco says. “So we wanted to make a record that was more subtle and vocal friendly and let the vocals shine more than the instruments.”
When they take the stage tonight in honor of Interval's vinyl release party, chances are it'll be a lot more relaxing set for Molina, Orozco, Pedroza and additional live show member Julien Jay. 

But the slower, sunny pace leaves plenty to unpack as the band create a shimmering blend of folk, psychedelic pop and indie rock that allows your brain to dive into warm, deep waters as you swim from track to track.

Whether Intervals is the soundtrack to your next nature excursion or a pool-side chill session, it's ability to help you stop and take a breath is reason enough to walk away with this record when you see them perform on Thursday.

Flying Hand performs tonight with Evan Geesman and Apollo Bebop at The Wayfarer. 9 p.m. $5, 21+. For more details, click here. 

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