Floral Park Cafe, New Bistro, to Open in Downtown Santa Ana

SO…remember how I wrote about the above space in downtown SanTana, and that the rumor was it was going to be a bistro of sorts? The cat is out of the bag–sort of. The name of the restaurant will be Floral Park Cafe, and all that they'll say right now is that it'll be a “new American bistro.”


Its website and Facebook pages are currently empty, and a search of LLC filings obtained by the Weekly reveal only that the owners used Legalzoom.com to register their business–hooray for the Internet. Oh, and the phone number currently attached to them is an area code 917–and the name now makes sense, as Floral Park is a village on Long Island in addition to the insufferable SanTana neighborhood. Oh, no: is SanTana going to turn into the next Williamsburg? Floral Park Cafe folks: just make great food, and all is forgiven…

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