Flier of the Week: The Toleys Farewell Show at The Bomb Shelter, July 17

Wouldn't it be great if all mediocre LA rock bands could bow out with such panache? 

After all, nothing illustrates the reality of a band giving up their shot at stardom like a guillotine chop to the neck. Even if the Toleys' growling distortion, hokey lyrics and old guy sex appeal aren't going to win you over, at least they have a sense of humor. Barreling straight-at-your-ear drums with loud and predictable guitar-chugging riffs, the band's maniacal, barroom aggression has been in the scene for years. Though, as you can tell, we had no clue. 

However, before they take themselves out execution-style at Westminster's Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios (weird place to have a farewell show, but whatever), fans of metal-tinged punk should make it a point to gather up some of their best bros, shot gun a few Bud Lights in the Bomb Shelter parking lot (probably no beer at an all-ages affair) and give these guys a warm send off.  Ah, fair Toleys, we hardly knew ye. Cool flier though. Show starts at 8:30 p.m.

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