Flier of the Week:The Gears and Gestapo Khazi at DiPiazza's Aug. 1

This is the second week in a row that we've chosen a flier that looks like some kind of sadistic, Hardy Boys book cover. But if a band is willing to sift through endless 50-cent novels to find one that will catch your attention, then by golly, they deserve a salute every now and then. This week's flier–featuring old school punks the Gears–narrows our visual interests down to the bare essentials: devils, horse whips and lingerie.  

On Sunday, the revered LA outfit is raging on stage at DiPiazza's in Long Beach alongside local faves Gestapo Khazi. Saturn, Joe's Garage and M.H.V. (Ms. Hannah's Victoms) are also on the bill. It's an unholy line-up of thrash punk fit for a Sunday evening at LBC's best pizza/punk rock joint. The $10 cover is a bit steep, but we're willing to bet that a raucous live set from the Gears and Gestapo will be worth it.  Well, at least Satan seems to think so. 

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