Flier of the Week: Sterile Jets at Malone's, Thursday

No, this is not your little brother's fourth-grade art project. This is indeed a legitimate show flier for tomorrow night.
Created by Mad Form Productions–the flier-production arm of Malone's Bar in Santa Ana–this is just a sample of the crayon-illuminated psychedelic visuals the bar crafts for some of its shows. This week, Mad Form touts Thursday's show featuring the trashy Long Beach punk stylings of Sterile Jets along with a whopping roster of six opening acts, including Street Spirit, The Cut-Ups, The Ghosts, Smokin' Mirrors, Seduce Us  Seduceus and Kenneth Baer. The show starts at 8 p.m. and cost $3 at the door.

So, back to the flier: We're not sure if it was the square sun rays, the sickly-looking nerd with coke-bottle glasses or the tie dyed bird creature that caught our attention. But it's safe to say that the artist definitely deserves a Crayola sponsorship. The squiggly, DIY aesthetic also seems appropriate for of most of the bands on the bill, with their sloppy punk passion and heaping helping of hazy garage rock. We give it a solid thumbs-up. After all, saying “fuck off ” to slick graphic-design technology is a sentiment that never seems to lose it's charm around here. Hopefully, the original copy of this homemade advertising is proudly stuck on someone's refrigerator with a dinosaur-shaped magnet. 

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