Flier of the Week: Rocket at Detroit Bar

This flier isn't especially innovative, following in the same vein as most Detroit Bar fliers, but it does its job more than adequately: getting you interested in the show.

Look at this crew. These are the type of folks I want to spend an evening with, for the fashion alone. Blue hair? Very nice. Prep school vest? Mmhmm. Sailor hat and polka dot dress? Oh heck yes.

It looks so promising, in fact, that it motivated me to check out Rocket's MySpace, where I was pleased to find out that their music matches their colorful sartorial choices, like The Runaways meets…uh, slightly later Runaways. I've been a sucker for spunky girl (or mostly girl) groups, both fictional and real since reading Josie and the Pussycats comics as a young lad. Though Rocket appears to be reliant on some tiresome Donnas-esque gimmickry (they all have the same stage last name, Rocket), it's enough to convince me that it'd be a fun night worth six bucks. And yes, I realize the inherent hypocrisy of complaining about gimmicks one sentence after proclaiming myself as a fan of a cartoon band that wears cat outfits.

The band hails from Echo Park, a neighborhood in LA that's clearly a breeding ground for girl groups – Doug Wallen reviewed, quite favorably, Echo Park's Hearts of Palm UK's “For Life” album in this week's Weekly.

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