Flier of the Week: Crush at the Dragon King, Santa Ana, Jan. 17

Now this is a textbook club flier. Flashy adjectives, a suave DJ and exploding speakers, this Crush party looks like it's gonna be a larger-than-life neon cluster fuck of the highest order. Odd, considering its going down at a Chinese restaurant in Santa Ana. 
But rest assured that the Dragon King's 6500 sq. ft. space should give you enough room to shake your ass without bumping into someone else's po po platter–unless you're into that kind of thing.
Featuring club banging sets by Dirty Draws–a regular turntable wiz at Florentine Gardens in LA—expect a bass-heavy night of hip-hop and electro that will probably leave you sweat-drenched and smelly, two signs that you've had a good night at the club. (Third sign? Waking up to a sexy, not too smelly, stranger). 
But can any body explain what “$5 MASSIVE” is supposed to mean? Cover charge perhaps? Did they mean to write massage? Maybe we'll all get a MASSIVE surprise for showing up. It's anyone's guess, but one more bold enticement on a flier never hurts. And of course they don't neglect the fact that Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday on Monday will give us all time to sleep off the hangover.

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