Flier of the Week: Cinco De Mayo at Sharkeez

What kind of foul-mouthed, beer drinking, fun-loving pack of music bloggers would we be if we didn't find you a decent place to party on Cinco De Mayo? Rustle up your best bandito/sexy senorita costume and get over to Sharkeez in Huntington Beach. 

The merits of their flier alone make this Surf City watering hole worthy of your your hard-earned pesos – este, dollars. Besides the fact that Sharkeez is notorious for it's special events – attracting drunk and horny college kids like moths to a flame – they're promoting this as their “BIGGEST FIESTA OF THE YEAR.” No way would they lie about that. And any bar that advocates ditching work early to get drunk is all right with us. So hurry up, get your work done and get started drinking early, or else that hang over is probably gonna cost you a sick day tomorrow.

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