Five Things to Expect at Kreayshawn's Observatory Show

5. Mixed Reviews (Mostly Bad)

Despite the MTV nomination, the million-dollar record deal and the 17 million page views on YouTube of Kreayshawn's hit, “Gucci Gucci,” we have yet to read a review of the 21-year-old white rapper's show that's all praises. Most of the time they're like these less-than-effusive reviews from the Village Voice in New York:

“What Lex Luger is to beats, Kreayshawn is to vocals–she's a Duncan
Hines chef where the cake manages to turn out slightly different each
time, despite it being built from the same basics. Her performance style
(as it is) needs work, since it currently seems inspired by Saturday Night Live's
“Deep House Dish” sketches. She moves her arms this way and that,
though she doesn't dip her hips or arch her back. She stays on her side
of the stage, and her sidekick Lil' Debbie gets the other…It felt like a high-school talent show. She seemed like a
Canal Street version of Lady Gaga, sticking to what seemed like a very
tight (and poorly written) script.”

And then again a few months later: “This was an exercise in how far down rock bottom can be.

4. An Extremely Short Set

Westhoff, our sister paper's music editor, said of Kreayshawn's show:
“That was a fun way to spend 38 minutes.” Hey–you have time for late
night tacos afterward!

3. Terrible Opening Acts

Roach Gigz, Jay Ant, and Moe Green “were shockingly bad,” says San Diego's The Owl.
“At best, they were totally uninteresting to watch, had lazy, boring
styles, sub-par beats, and occasionally crunked poorly around the
stage.  At worst, they became bipolar with the audience and told us we
“fucking sucked,” giggled, and followed up with “just playin, y'all!
Positive vibes.”

2. Twice the “Gucci Gucci” (“Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci”?)

Kreayshawn doesn't have enough songs for her set list so she performs
her 17million-pageview hit “Gucci Gucci” twice in a row, says Spin. Which is probably fine, especially since fans paid for a ticket to see the show based on that song alone.

1. V-Nasty Cameo (Actually Almost Half the Set) Steals the Show
We heard that N-word dropping, controversial White Girl mobster V-Nasty steals the show for about four tracks–including the brilliant “Swobbin” (i.e., swagger + mobbing). If you get tired of Kreayshawn's monotone, you can at least bask in V-Nasty's nasty-yet-riveting swag.

Kreayshawn performs on Friday at the Observatory (formerly the Galaxy Theater), doors 6 p.m., $22.50.

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