Five Super Dope Kendrick Lamar Rap/Rock Remixes

Rock/Rap collabos date back to the earliest days of the hip-hop. The original vinyl of the “Walk This Way” remix should be going on display at the Smithsonian any day now. So should the scalpel that did Steven Tyler's first nose job, but I digress! In 2014, both genres find themselves trying to establish a new sound. Rap seems to have found its new idol though in Kendrick Lamar, while the genre, plainly categorized as Rock, tussles with who'll have the lion's share of groupies and airplay.

Thus far in the Kendrick Lamar era, the CompTown rep has done well to rekindle the flame between the two edgy styles. Earlier this week, Pitchfork announced yet another Kendrick Lamar/Rock combo would drop soon, this one featuring the Australian psych-rockers, Tame Impala. If history is any indicator, then this should be as dope if not more than the last. To hold you over until then, let us give you five of Kendrick Lamar's already super dope rap/rock combos.


5. ZZ Ward feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Cryin' Wolf”

Kendrick ain't the only one responsible for keeping the blues alive. His true to life lyrics can't be described many other ways. Hollywood Records' ZZ Ward exhibits a flow of her own while taking it down to the Delta on the groovy duet that'd make Muddy Waters want to put down a remix.

4. James Blake – “mAAd city” (cover)

Under the alias “Harmonimix,” British singer-songwriter James Blake kills this short but cavity sweet alteration of “mAAd city” showing just how well K Dot mixes well with any set of sounds. The added ominous organ in the new mix highlights the darkness of the place we know now as mAAd city.

3. Foster the People feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Pumped up Kicks” (Remix)

As if a song about kicks and guns wasn't built for hip-hop in the first place, King Kendrick commandeered the vengeful sentiment Mark Foster may have failed to make clear on the original. Despite the song's content, Kendrick, like the band, manages to keep caper over the innocent beat with a playful delivery that can brighten your day in a weird way. To think Kendrick had not even been dropped a single when this released is a little bizarre.

2. AWOLNATION feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul – “SAIL” (remix)

After hearing Kendrick's instant classic of a debut album, it makes so much sense for him to get off on a beat like this. The same emotion the trip-hoppin' rock band conveys in this song is just what we found on “good kid, mAAd city” and the admixture of the two is marvelous. It wouldn't be surprising to see an official collab of the two rising stars in the near future considering the remix was featured on AWOLNATION's deluxe edition of “Megalithic Symphony”.

1. Imagine Dragons feat. Kendrick Lamar – Radioactive

If you'd have been a fan of the afore mentioned collabs, that sick ass Grammy performance that people are still abuzz about might not have struck you as so much of a surprise. Since it's likely, yet unfortunate, that fan bases from both sides of the aisles don't do much exploring outside of their aural comfort zones, the monster performance at the award show may have began as confusing but soon became electrifying. What we all want now, on top of more Kendrick/Rock collabs is more Kend-Rock (see what we did there) performances! Can I get a witness!

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