Five Songs In Movie Soundtracks You’re Not In Because It’s Not All About You, Marlon Wayans!

Marlon Wayans stays having a lot going on. This August his NBC sitcom “Marlon” will be coming direct to your living room as will his Netflix movie called Naked. (Yes ladies, naked!) And since August seems so far away and we’d never suggest that you try to wait all the way until then to get your Marlon fix, we tracked him down before his appearance at the Irvine Improv this weekend (April 7th-9th) to hammer him about songs. Not just any songs though, songs from soundtracks. And not just any soundtracks, soundtracks from movies he is not in because IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU MARLON! J/K, it totally is.

5- Jungle Fever/ Stevie Wonder “These Three Words”

The song “These Three Words” is dope. My parents used to always argue and then they’d put on Stevie Wonder and go inside the bedroom. And they’d always come out with smiles on their face. Whenever I listen to Stevie Wonder I think of that but, “These Three Words” is what I wish they would have been damn thinking about so they didn’t have to argue so much and just get to the sex.

Wait. Sorry to interrupt but every time you hear that song you think about your parents having sex? I mean, the thought of my parents having sex…no.

[Laughs.] No well, not like them having sex but the arguing before the sex! I’ve heard my parents have sex before and it was awful! I was playing hide-and-seek once, was in their closet, and my dad started wearing it out for a full minute and a half. I mean, after six kids he really had to do some damage for her to feel it! It was the worst minute and a half of my life. I’m just keep it real.

Haha oh my god I’m done with you. Get back to your list please.

4- Purple Rain/ The whole damn soundtrack

Purple Rain is the only album you listen to from front to back and go through a full mountain range of emotions while having sex. I can cry, I can get jealous, and I can crawl around the room naked or with just my underwear on and nobody is going to judge me because it’s Prince. That’s what you do when you listen to Prince. I mean, I’m not totally naked. I like to keep on my Borat skeevies on.

3- Super Fly/ Curtis Mayfield “Freddie’s Dead”

I know you like it weird so I’m going to make it weirder than my last one with Curtis Mayfield’s, Superfly. Bannabamp! Bannabamp! Ba ba ba ba bamp! Whenever I play that album, especially, “Freddie’s dead, that’s what I said,” it’s like, I don’t know what it’s like to be a pimp, but I would imagine that’s the way a pimp feels when he wakes up in the morning. Like before he makes his girls go to work or slaps anybody, he puts that song on and it just makes him feel really jolly. Bannabamp! Bannabamp! Ba ba ba ba bamp! I hear this song and I wanna wear some platform shoes and I have no idea why. I guarantee the first brother to buy platform shoes was listening to Curtis Mayfield.

2- Saturday Night Fever/ Bee Gees

I think the Bee Gee’s are awesome and the fact that they have a black woman’s voice really impressed me. That’s why I like it, it’s another soundtrack I can do whatever to. If I want to have a good night with a white woman, you put that soundtrack on and have a good time. And then in the morning you put it on again with some, “I know your eyes in the morning sun” and then you do it again with morning breath. Well actually they don’t have morning breath because they grew up with dentists so, they’re privileged.

Sounds like an exceptional night and thank you for recognizing my white mouth privilege. Sometimes people ask me to check my privilege at the door and I just show them my teeth and they back the fuck off.

That will stop you from getting robbed baby girl! If a robber comes to get you and you have all whites in your mouth instead of fillings, they know your parents cared for you enough to see the dentist. Black men will be like, LEAVE. HER. ALONE. Not Becky. She’s good people.

I always learn so much from you. OK, last soundtrack on deck. Hit it.

1- Above the Rim- Suge Knight

Listen, I’m going to keep it really real with you and bring it back to myself with “Above the Rim.” That soundtrack was one of the greatest ever because we’re talking about Death Row when Suge Knight was muscular and still threatening. Before he went blind in jail, he had Tupac. I was there when Pac was recording some of these things and it was an amazing experience. This soundtrack, to this day, is still a dope one. This is back when Death Row was prime. This was like when there were afro puffs, Warren G, the Dogg Pound, there was Pac…I’ve been an east coast person by heart but when Death Row was like that and I lived in L.A., I was scared. Every New Yorker that lived in L.A. was scared. Suge Knight had that “see you at the crossroads so you won’t be lonely” stare. He’d look at you and his eyes didn’t have pupils. The devil was scared of Suge Knight! Now the devil looks at him and is like, where he at?

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