Five Signs You May Have a Sriracha Problem

When it comes to Sriracha love, almost anything goes. Sriracha lollipops, Sriracha keychains, Sriracha spray bottles–all accepted and applauded. But beware, cock sauce fiends–there is a line. Crossing it may lead to disastrous consequences (usually in the bathroom).  
We're here to help. Here are five signs you may have Sriracha problem. 


1. Your meals look like this. 
2. You've replaced water with Sriracha. 

[3. You have a Sriracha tattoo. (No, the fact that it's accompanied by pho does not make it okay.) 

4. You've invented a Sriracha helmet.
5. You use a Sriracha IV. 
If you notice any of these warning signs, please step away from the bottle. It's for your own good.    
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