Five Reasons to Check Out Meiko at House of Blues on Saturday

Meiko is a guitar-strumming songstress who charms crowds with her sweet smile and dreamy pop-folk ballads, and yet she's no cliché. 
“Balls!” she blurted between songs at Hollywood's Hotel Café, where she was a resident performer. She giggled. “I haven't said 'balls' on stage in a while. It feels good.”  
It's her spunk and down-home humor that has helped the LA-based indie ingénue build a devoted fan base (Perez Hilton is completely “enamored”). Her wit reveals itself in her simple and honest lyrics–“Girls need attention and boys need us/So let's make everybody glad” (“Reasons To Love You”) is line that can be silkscreened onto T-shirts and sold at Urban Outfitters. Her voice shifts from hushed and gentle to raw, powerful and mesmerizing.  


Meiko (pronounced mee-koh) opens for the all-grown-up Hanson on its Musical Ride Tour, which stops at House of Blues Anaheim on Saturday. She'll be playing favorites from her self-titled album, along with songs from her upcoming album, The Bright Side.   
Here are five reasons why you should check her out.  
1. She has a good backstory.
Meiko hails from Roberta, Georgia (population 808), where she grew up in a log cabin built by her father's hands. Who doesn't love a factoid like that?  
2. She supports the food service industry.  

Before landing two songs on Grey's Anatomy and entering the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Album Chart at No. 1, Meiko spent many of her nights clearing broken beer bottles while waiting tables at Hotel Café. An encounter with one asshole customer inspired her to write the  service industry anthem, “You Gotta Fucking Tip.” Listen to it here: 

3. Her song “Boys With Girlfriends” is universally relatable.   

It's Listening 101 for every girl who's been on either side of the jealousy coin. 
4. Her Tumblr rules. 
She regularly posts awesome randomness like this (headlined “Dealbreaker”):   
5. She's giving away a date with her manager . . . 

. . . and other rad stuff to those who pledge on her new PledgeMusic page. Fans can earn 20 questions with her via Skype, a hot air balloon ride with her and her sis, a living room concert, a hand-drawn illustration of “balls” (that one's already gone!), or a signed limited-edition EP. The money will help pay for her tour costs. 
Meiko performs with Hanson (vote for the set list here!) at House of Blues Anaheim, 1530 S. Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, Thurs. 9 p.m. $30 advance, $32.50 door. All ages. 

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