Five OC Breweries Win Big At The Great American Beer Festival

Every year, thousands of brewers and beer enthusiasts convene in Denver for the Great American Beer Fest, which is basically the Olympics of beer. Breweries from across the country bring their best brews to be judged by panels consisting of 188 professionals from 11 countries. (By the way, how does one become a beer judger–sign us up, please!)  

Boy, did OC breweries bring home the bling. On Saturday, Tustin Brewing Co., The Bruery, Pizza Port, TAPS Fish House & Brewery, and Beachwood BBQ & Brewing accepted medals in a variety of categories. 
Check out the list:  


Gold Medals
Smog City Groundwork Coffee by Tustin Brewing Co. (category: Coffee Beer) 
Order in the Port by Pizza Port San Clemente (category: American-Style Stout)
Udder Love by Beachwood BBQ & Brewing (category: Sweet Stout) 
Way Heavy by Pizza Port San Clemente (category: Scotch Ale) 
Silver Medals 
Papier by The Bruery (category: Old Ale or Strong Ale)
TAPS Irish Red by TAPS Fish House & Brewery (category: Irish-Style Red Ale)
Bronze Medals
Sans Pagaie by The Bruery (category: Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale)
TAPS Cream Ale by TAPS Fish House & Brewery (category: Golden or Blonde Ale)
El Verano by Beachwood BBQ & Brewing (category: French- and Belgian-Style Saison)
See all the winners here (PDF). Congrats to all! 
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