Five Latinos Who Voted For a Black Man

Last week, the John half of KFI-AM 640's JohnKen Show railed about how Latinos (specifically Mexicans) would never vote for a black man like Barack Obama because of their inherent racism. He berated the MSM for not emphasizing this supposed truism, assuring listeners that Mexicans despise blacks and don't make any bones about it. What was most disturbing about this diatribe is that John spoke about the supposed Mexican hatred for negritos in an almost respectful, jealous tone, as if he wished he could be so openly racist.

The idea that Latinos won't vote for a black man has been an obsession for lazy journalists these past couple of weeks, one invalidated by former LA Weekly writer (and my current Scribner brother) Daniel Hernandez. And how's this for Latinos not voting for a black guy: all five voting members of the Arellano family picked Obama. Even my dad, who can be so rancho in his thinking that he once prohibited us from entering our swimming pool after a gay guy jumped in–seriously. Of Obama, Papi said, “I liked what the morenito (little dark guy) had to say. I heard him for the first time last night. He seems energetic, positive, and we need that right now.”

That's not what Papi told the Canadians yesterday. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation filmed a segment on my family, in which my father threw his support for Hillary Clinton. But after hearing Obama, Dad became a convert. Hear that, JohnKen? My dad essentially called Obama a darkie and still voted for him–and not because I told him to, but out of inspiration. Any answer for that? Pendejos.

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