Five “Hate Radio” Lines from KFI AM 640 Hosts

Thursday, the National Hispanic Media Coalition released a report titled, “American
Hate Radio: How a Powerful Outlet for Democratic Discourse Has
Deteriorated into Hate, Racism and Extremism.” Included are complaints listeners filed with the FCC and, sure enough, LA-based and OC-heard KFI AM 640 is a frequent target. But, amazingly, the heat extends beyond the Clear Channel station's beloved/reviled John and Ken Show. After the jump are our five favorite alleged sources of complaints against KFI . . .

These complaints are yanked from the report–whose full version you can see at–so keep in mind this is what listeners said they heard, not necessarily what the hosts said. Oh, and be sure to scroll down to the disclaimer at the end of this post.

A “stupid, illegal alien, leafblower guy” blew dust while one host played tennis, making him want to “pound him to a pulp with my racket.”
The John and Ken Show, December 2009

African-Americans are “12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares” if they are heard?
The Rush Limbaugh Show, no date given

“So, if we . . . really enforce our borders and get into euthanasia, for
example . . . and get rid of, let's say, Armenians . . .”
The Bill Handel Show, no date given

Mexicans “bring their third-world habits and foul our life.”
The John and Ken Show, no date given

“Everyday is a hit-a-Jew day.”
The Bill Handel Show, October 2008

DISCLAIMER: Report compilers and complainers may be unaware that Handel is a satirist and John, Ken and Rush are cartoon characters.

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