Five Feminist Anthems for International Women's Day!

Around the world, every March 8 marks International Women's Day. In case you weren't up on game, that's what today's Google Doodle and Twitter trending is all about. In the United States, this year's International Women's Day comes at a time when somehow contraception is a hot political issue of debate (really?) Radio host blob Rush Limbaugh feels free launching into sexist tirades in opining on the subject costing him advertisers in the aftermath and KFI's John and Ken demeaned the late Whitney Houston as a “crack ho”
earning them a suspension.

Before this current upsurge in the war on women coming from Washington and the airwaves, International Women's Day traces its roots back to March 8, 1908, when thousands of women workers in the “needle trades” marched through New York City demanding improved conditions and pay.


In celebration of the spirit, Heard Mentality says 'feliz día de la mujer!' with this list of the following five feminist anthems!

1. Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y.

This rap song for the ages is nearly twenty years old as it was released back in the day in 1993. Still, the saxophone melodies and the lyrical demand for self respect “Who you calling a bitch?” in the song is as important now as it was then when I would see it selected on The Box music channel.

2.Nina Simone – Four Women

In “Four Women” the great singer, pianist, composer Nina Simone took listeners through a brilliant lyrical portrait of four African-American women throughout history. Rapper Talib Kweli would later do a version called “For Women” on Reflection Eternal's Train of Thought album paying homage to the masterpiece.

3. Ani Difranco – Not a Pretty Girl

The title track off of the mid-'90s Righteous Babe records release, “Not a Pretty Girl” illustrated Ani Difranco's songwriting prowess: “Every time I say something they find hard to hear / They chalk it up to my anger / And never to their own fear.” At concerts, her every words are faithfully recited by adoring audiences.

4. Krudas Cubensi – La Gorda

Brilliant in their militancy, Krudas Cubensi, the Austin-based duo by way of Cuba, are fiercely feminist rappers on a mission. When they perform the 'let your belly hang out' anthem “La Gorda” Pasa Kruda now prefixes it with an earlier song from the collective's career “Eres Bella.” The continuity of content in celebrating beauty is executed with perfection.

5. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

What's a list of International Women's Day inspired music would be complete without some riot grrl rock? Dedicate Kathleen Hanna's chorus line “Rebel girl / You are the queen of my world” to all the women in your life today (all day, every day!)

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