Five Best Parts of Battles' 'My Machines' Video

1. Well, there's the actual dude falling down the up escalator for, like, a full three minutes and 10 seconds.
2. Then there's Gary Numan singing deadpan throughout most of it.
3. And Battles squished into a descending escalator, playing their instruments (yes, even John Stanier, who plays the drums on a smaller kit minus the tall ride cymbal).
4. It also makes you think of what it would be like to experience an earthquake inside a mall with an awesome song whose breaks accompany your every fall.
5. It's set in Little Tokyo, meaning you've probably set foot on those very steps the lead is stumbling down in.
Read the enjoyable interview about the making of the video on Pitchfork, and then watch the video after the jump.


Battles “My Machines” from DANIELS on Vimeo.

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