Five Bands Who Should Open Night One For My Morning Jacket at The Wiltern

For local fans of My Morning Jacket, Tuesday's announcement that the Kentucky rockers would be playing three nights (Sept. 11- 13) at The Wiltern in Los Angeles was one big holiday. Having announced that Iron and Wine and Shabazz Places will open nights two and three, that left us to wonder what mystery band would have the honor of kicking off night one. Here are five guesses on what band will be opener number one:

5. Pearl Jam – Having opened for the Seattle icons on a chunk of their 2006 tour, wouldn't it be cool if the legendary rockers opened for their protégés? Sure it would, but definitely not happening. If this happens, not only will I buy your ticket, I'll buy you as many beers as you want.

4. Bright Eyes – Likely? Probably not. But knowing that Jim James and Conor Oberst are buds from their Monsters of Folk days, this isn't exactly out of the scope of possibility. However, without an album or anything to promote, it's hard to see Bright Eyes trekking out for one random show, even if it is here in Southern California.


3. Everest – Now we're getting somewhere. The Los Angeles-natives opened for the band before their show last year at the Pantages Theater and more than held their own. Combine that with the band has a new album slated to be released later this month, then the likelihood of Everest showing up to play a set at one of the best venues in town increases. However, the only strike against this happening is that a band rarely opens for another two tours in a row. But if it's going to be anyone, it will be Everest.

2. Band of Horses – This would be awesome. Already touring with MMJ in other parts of the country, this one makes the most sense. Both bands kick serious ass and both (at least on the surface) appear to be ego-free and have shared the stage with many other huge bands either as openers or at festivals. Combine that with the existing camaraderie and we have a winner, unless…

1. No Opening Act- Louisville-natives have done it before and they'll probably do it again. At 2008's Greek Theatre show, the band did an epic “An Evening With” show where they played at least three hours to the delight of fans. Could it happen again? We don't see why not and might as well make the first of three Southern California shows an epic one, right?

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