Five 2005 Pop Tunes We'll Never Escape From

Now that we are halfway through January 2015 (time is already flying huh?) we can't help but to look back and notice that a lot of things seem so far away. One thing in particular that stands out to us is the music. Especially from let's say, 2005. You may find yourself questioning the clothes you used to rock, the hairstyle you specifically asked for at the barber, but mostly, the music you thought was the absolute shit. You can go ahead and deny that you cranked these tracks up but we know better because trust us, we did too. And yes, years later we aren't proud of it either. With this list we're going to delve into some of the hits that we all were bumping a mere ten years ago. Do these songs stand the test of time? If you're anything like us then you are cringing just imagining where you were in 2005 when you loved a few of them so much.


5- Kanye West, “Gold Digger”
Kanye West has come a long way from his “Gold Digger” days and we're not just talking about his newest lame nickname or his overrated marriage coverage. While his 2004 hit “Through the Wire” put him on our radar, “Gold Digger” really put this man on the map. And it's safe to say that most of us really loved this song and tapped a toe or ten to it at some point. However you feel about Kanye now just remember that you probably pumped up this jam in your ride or are guilty of screaming, “Oh heyyyy girl, this is my song!” up in the club so you only have yourself to blame for what he has become now.

4- 50 Cent, “Just A Lil Bit”
2005 was a huge year for 50 Cent as he offered up several songs that hit the Top 100 charts like “Candy Shop,” “Disco Inferno,” and “Outta Control.” The one that moved a lot of us the most that year however was his hit, “Just a Lil Bit.” This song had bodies grinding on the dance floor from coast to coast thanks to the beat, sex fueled lyrics, and the swagger in 50's voice. It had us hooked. And speaking of hooked, the hook of the song didn't fail because on the real, sometimes all you really need is a little bit. Excuse us, a “lil” bit.

3- Pussycat Dolls, “Don't Cha”
Coming off of their debut album “PCD,” the song “Don't Cha” was everywhere in 2005 and to us that was annoying as fuck. Evidently we were alone in thinking that because it stayed on charts around the world and actually became one of the best-selling singles of all time. We're sure it had everything to do with the catchy hook and not the hot chicks scantily clad while gyrating in the video. All we know is that ten years later, “Don't Cha” is also on our list of songs we never want to hear again. Ever.

2. The Killers, “Mr. Brightside”
Vegas natives The Killers debut album “Hot Fuss” was killing it in 2004 and by the time 2005 rolled around, their song “Mr. Brightside” didn't stop climbing the charts. 2005 also brought them numerous nominations (they were robbed) and got them a big win at the MTV VMA's for “Best New Artist.” While they had an abundance of great songs off this very album, “Mr. Brightside” was one lyrically a lot of people could relate to as it conveys the attempt to find the silver lining after being scorned and hey, we've all been there right? Not just that though, the song as a whole completely rocks (as does the video) and in our opinion, actually still lives up to the hype years later.

1. Chris Brown, “Run It”
In 2005 a fresh faced Chris Brown burst on to the scene with his first offering “Run It.” Getting rapper Juelz Santana on the track meshed perfectly making this song an instant hit (wakka wakka) on the radio and in the clubs and had listeners clamoring for more and more from Brown. Ten years later we know WAY too much about Brown's private life and, umm, strength, but it's been proven that he has staying power. Is it the music? It is because his apology was believable? Maybe Adam Corolla had the answer right when he said, “He can dance so all is forgiven.” Lucky for CB.

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