Fish McBites for a Dollar Until Tomorrow

It's not free, but it almost is.

McDonald's, for some reason, is discounting snack-sized boxes of its new Fish McBites down to a buck until tomorrow, Feb. 14, though not on the 15th, the first Friday of Lent.

Oh, well, $1 ain't bad for these breaded-fish cubes. I tried them a few
weeks ago and was pleased with the texture, which was kind of delicate,
actually. The morsels also tasted much more wholesome and less processed
than the McNuggets. But they are essentially what they've been
described as: the same fish as what's in the Filet-O-Fish, just
smaller and without the bun, the cheese and the tartar sauce.

of its size, the ratio of breading to fish is actually bigger, which is
a good thing because the breading holds most of the flavor anyway.
Again, not bad for $1. Get some candles and table linens, and your
Valentine's dinner date is DONE!

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