First-Ever Taco Bell Location May Be Demolished in Downey–DAMNIT!

Preservationists across Southern California are upset over plans to demolish a building in Downey that was the site of the original Taco Bell. The tiny ol' Downey Patriot broke the news, adding that saving the building would be appropriate given the city also hosts the world's oldest continuously operating McDonald's.

I'm actually surprised the multi-billion dollar Bell hasn't bought up this building and turned it into a museum, ala the original Mickey D's in San Bernardino (although that spot is as sad a memorial as you'll ever find). But those preservationists should really be paying attention to San Bernardino and its many Taco Bell treasures.


As I wrote back in 2010, all of the places where Glen Bell got his “inspiration” to build Taco Bell still exist, and are still running. The original Bell's Burgers stand where he'd stay up late nights trying to figure out how to make tacos is now part of the Amapola Rico Taco chain in the Inland Empire. The tortilleria where Bell bought the tortillas to make his tacos still stands, as does the building where Bell opened up his first Mexican-only restaurant, Taco Tia. And the restaurant that Bell ripped off, Mitla Cafe, is celebrating its 78th anniversary this year–go try it!

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