Fire Dream: Our Toke Of The Week!

Strain: Fire Dream
Dispensary: 420 Central, 420 W. Central Ave., Santa Ana, Ca 92707
Price: $18 per gram; $50 per eighth

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly medical marijuana review column,
Toke of the Week. In this space, our stable of card-carrying cannabis connoisseurs will be reviewing all the latest strains, edibles and other cannabis-related products. Whether you are a cancer survivor trying to wean yourself from prescription medication or just a typical clinically overstressed suburban smoker, this column is your go-to destination for all-things ganja.

While shopping for an eighth at 420 Central, the budtender told me that I should expect to feel adventurous after smoking Fire Dream. As a natural adventurer even without herbal enhancements, I wasn’t sure if that meant the strain would incite the desire to jump out of a plane, motivate a spontaneous cross country road trip or simply go on a hike. That said, I was a bit hesitant as to how this adventurous strain would effect me. Yet my intuition was screaming “yolo” (a word I never, ever use) too loudly for me to ignore. So I decided to go with my gut and purchase an eighth of Fire Dream.

As a sativa dominant hybrid, the strain’s uplifting but spacey head high is said to launch users into episodes of euphoric giggles and steady optimism, making it a popular choice among patients who battle PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, cancer, HIV/AIDS and depression. It’s also known for its energetic and physically soothing properties, thus making it a perfect day-time ganja.

But I needed the day-time energy for the Laguna Beach art walk, so I rolled a joint of the spring-green herb and after four cloudy puffs, I felt my stress instantly dissipate. It was only after spending three minutes looking for the Uber app on my iPhone that I realized I was really, really stoned. With 28 percent THC, this sativa hybrid packs a solid punch straight to the face.

After Christophe the Uber driver dropped me off near Bluebird Canyon Dr., I made my way north on PCH until I came to Ritual Yoga, where I saw an artist in the window making spirit weaves. I was entranced by her precision, as she weaved intricate designs within the tree branches that she had tied together. Flowing down from the bottom branch were thick, colorful strands of yarn, white lace, strips of light blue leather and beads made out of stones.

I must’ve stared at her from outside the window for about 15 minutes before I went inside the studio. One of the owners asked if I’d like to participate in a small group sound healing meditation. She led me to a table covered in healing crystals and told me to pick out seven—one for every Chakra, and meet her in the front yoga room. As I walked into the room, mats were lied out on the floor circling a massive, white Tibetan singing bowl, wind chimes, and other tools that are traditionally used to create sacred vibrations. The owner directed the group to close our eyes and lie on our backs, with our heads toward the bowls.

The lighting in the room dimmed to a soft glow. The owner walked around carefully placing everyone’s stones on the corresponding chakra. We listened to silence for several minutes before the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls took over the room.  The stones on my body vibrated while the sound seemed to ripple and bounce off each corner of the room. Sometimes I’d hear the rich, deep ringing right above my head—which is where the bowl was physically located—and other times, the ringing of the bowl sounded as if it were across the room, above the person next to me or near the doorway.

I could feel the sound waves pushing toxins and negative thoughts out of my body. I saw flashing colors of rich reds, pinks, greens and blues behind my eyelids and they moved with the sound. It was as if sound had color. Despite the minor synesthesia I was experiencing, my mind was still and my body felt like it was levitating. I’ve never experienced anything quite like that night at the art walk, and it’s possible I’ll never experience that again. But it was an adventure I never saw coming. Needless to say, Fire Dream is the adventure seekers best friend. Yolo.

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