Fingerprints Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With a Big Ol' Record Sale

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For as much of a Long Beach institution as Fingerprints has become, it wasn't until the record store announced their latest weekend sale that we realized how long it's been since owner Rand Foster sold his first piece of music. Starting Friday, the store is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering it's biggest discount ever.

For the most part, the weekend event is major boon for diggers of the bargain bin. Starting today, all used CDs are 30 percent off, progressing to a 40 percent discount on Saturday and 50 percent off on Sunday. Those of you still rocking CDs better get over there. In addition to used stuff, every other category–new CDs, LPs, DVDs, books– are 15% off all weekend. And in case you're not completely broke next week, Monday offers a 25% discount on all used vinyl.

Though it's been a little over a year since Fingerprints packed up its old location on Second St., owner Foster says it's almost difficult to remember the old joint as he stands inside the highly-evolved, open space they've moved into on 420 E. Fourth St. downtown with graced by acts like Brian Wilson, Foo Fighters, MEN and M. Ward. Looking back on the stores history, he's more than grateful to still be in the record store game, which in his case, is still treating him pretty well.
“We started out as a record store with a 1 year plan,” Foster says. “So being able to sit here and talk about this 20 years later is kind of amazing.”

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