Fine, Sprinkles Cupcake: Here's Your Review

For probably the last four years, Sprinkles Cupcakes have sent me a full box–sometimes, two–of their namesake product about every four months. This despite me routinely bashing cupcakes as a trend. This despite me never writing about them. This despite the fact that I never ate any of the cupcakes–as many generations of Weeklings will tell you, I always gave out the sweets starting with my editorial compatriots, moving along to our production saviors, and ending with the advertising department, with an interlude for whatever cute receptionist happened to be working for us at the time.

I never wrote about them–mostly because I'm fundamentally opposed to reviewing food received for free. That's why I almost always eschew media dinners–that, and the fact I'd rather bust pedo-priests than spend time with people who fawn. But I finally broke down last week by eating a Sprinkles cupcake, which I promptly corrected by getting someone to buy a cupcake from their actual store.


It was just what I expected–way too sweet, not moist enough, scarfed down in less than a minute. If someone gave me one for free, I'd eat it, but I wouldn't spend my cash on Sprinkles. You're better off at Avanti Cafe.

BAM! That's the sound you heard of the Weeklings collectively slapping me on the head for ensuring we'll never get free Sprinkles again…

Sprinkles, 944 Avocado Ave., Newport Beach,(949) 760-0003;

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