Find Your Valentine On The Tinder For Stoners

“Haha so, is your middle name Jane?” asks user name Greenery4daSceneryN8. Normally, this would be an exceptionally lame joke (because my name is Mary), but on High There—the Tinder for stoners—it’s an apt question.

Within the last several years, from the rise of Weedmaps to the recent development of an app for online marijuana doctors, the tech side of California’s marijuana industry has blossomed. So it was only a matter of time before there was an app for stoners to connect with other stoners in OC, one optimized to connect people based on the way they like to consume marijuana (i.e: vaping, edibles or smoking). Depending on your preferred method of consumption, the Denver-based High There app, pairs people based on things they like, such as music, the outdoors, gaming, food, culture and whether you’re looking to go out, stay in or chat.

Another (very smart) way in which it connects tokers concerns self-described energy levels while high. In other words, High There is looking to avoid connecting low energy loungers who become glued to the couch with adventurous potheads who fly out the door to paint the town red after smoking a joint. After separating people based on their interests, the app finally presents the user with a hefty catalog of stoners in the area, allowing you to swipe left to pass to the next stoner or swipe right to connect and chat.

As Mashable reports, Todd Mitchem, the High There CEO, was inspired to create the app after a date he went on immediately ended after the person he was with found out he smoked pot. (That still happens?!) 

And thus, the Tinder for potheads was born. But Mitchem’s concept for the app is much larger than just linking people together to experience the potential euphoria of stoned love— it’s a platform in which the cannabis community can connect, network and build relationships, allowing for new ventures to take off  the industry to grow at a faster rate. Plus, it also provides a space for people to discuss and recommend local dispensaries, strains and spread knowledge in regards to the benefits of marijuana. In other words, High There also serves as a social network for marijuana smokers.

So if you’re a single stoner dreading the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day— fear no more! Thanks to High There, you can finally connect with the cannabis king or queen of your dreams who, in theory, could live within walking distance of you.

As another marker in marijuana’s coming of age, High There proves that there is, in fact, a dating app for everyone.

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