Find Your New Favorite Hot Sauce at the First Ever California Hot Sauce Expo This Weekend

Looking for something to tickle your tongue? Free this weekend? Make your way to Long Beach, where High River Sauces will be hosting the first ever Annual California Hot Sauce Expo.


Tickets start at $10 if you want to just walk around and taste hot several dozen hot sauces that'll be in attendance and climb up to $50 or $100 if you want some drink tickets good for some craft beers or a quiet VIP area.

Also on the schedule is a series of food challenges, where competitors will do battle eating extremely spicy hot dogs, noodles, tacos, burritos and pizza. The grand daddy challenge of them all will pit some brave people against the world record for most Carolina Reaper peppers eaten (the Reaper's the current crown holder for world's hottest pepper). Having eaten the Reaper before, I wish luck to all those who enter.

For more information about the expo, check out their website here.

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