Find Riches for Rover at Healthy Spot

The rich are different from you and me: Their pets have more money than us. It's not that we riffraff ignore our furry buddies, but the luxuries the wealthy bestow on their animals (Reiki massage, anybody?) is almost on par with the way we spoil children. Healthy Spot, a new pet store in Costa Mesa, understands both types of animal parents and has created a world for either pocketbook.

Mark Boonnark and Andrew Kim were college buddies who moved into the suit-and-tie world after graduation, but they quickly grew sick of what Boonnark describes as “the cold, corporate world.”

“That was the Berkeley in us,” Boonnark says with a laugh. They were both interested in some kind of nutrition business and noticed the lack of eco-friendly, healthy pet stores. The first Healthy Spot opened in Los Angeles and was named Santa Monica's first sustainable pet store for instituting eco-friendly practices in its foundation and products, including LED bulbs; recycled toilet paper; and sustainable food, dog toys and poopie bags.

“Our goal is also to be a trusted pet store,” Boonnark says. He noticed that many services, such as grooming and dog watching, weren't transparent, and so he and Kim have done the opposite with Healthy Spot. Any place within the store where your little darlings can be taken, including doggie daycare and grooming, is bright and inviting and can be seen through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Boonnark and Kim have trained the staff to help customers find the right products for their animal's specific needs. They work with award-winning trainers and dog groomers. The indoor doggie day care actually has real grass, and dogs are walked every couple of hours.

Boonnark says his and Kim's goal is to make sure the store is accessible to all. “Health shouldn't be a luxury,” he explains, “so we have products for all socioeconomic levels.” Of course, if you want Fido to get a Reiki massage, he can get one here. Stop by the grand opening party at Healthy Spot's first OC location on Jan. 25 from noon to 4 p.m.—free treats for dogs and snacks from Mother's Market for you!


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